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This is the official wiki for members of the Hunting Club.

What is Hunting Club? Hunting club is a group, created by huntsmen, with a sole purpose of sharing ideas, thoughts and plans digitally in the group. Members of this club follow the ancient tradition of creating meaningful artwork, illustrating the philosophy and tactics of hunters in a modern form of memes.

Exchanging witty, humorous remarks about ourselves is a way of the hunters secretive communication. In this Wiki, we provide the backstory information of our stories and traditions, so that new members would understand and learn our way.

There are rules in this club:

1st rule - There are no rules in the club

2nd rule - Recall the 1st rule

3rd rule is open for discussion


Here we add information about the victims of our humor:

Adrien le Français

Avinaash Shriraam

Che Rodrigo

Mongolian Batman

Nikola Nonchev

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